Thank you West Hartford's Cookin' 2019 Sponsors!

Sponsoring West Hartford's Cookin' helps ensure teachers can share their innovative & creative ideas with West Hartford Public School students. On behalf of the West Hartford public school community, Thank You!!!

Explorer Sponsors $2,000

Frank Webb Home
Optometric Specialty Group
West Hartford Chamber of Commerce

Discoverer Sponsors $1,000

Bouvier Insurance
Roger and Debbie Goldbeck
GYL Financial Synergies
Lexham West Hartford LLC
Keller Williams, Robert O'Meara
Smith Brothers Insurance
State Farm Insurance ~ Mario Russo
West Hartford Education Association, Inc.


Innovator Sponsors $500
Dr. Steven A. Fischman Orthodontics
Private Capital Group

In-Kind Donors
Bridgewater Chocolate
Cricket Press
Falvey Linen Supply
Rogo Distributors