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Thank you to the following news publications, writers & photographers for sharing the innovative programs teachers implement for WHPS students across the district.  Communicating these Grants in Action to the community is greatly appreciated.


Hartford Courant Community, West Hartford Press,, West Hartford LIFE,
West Hartford Magazine

Abigail Albair, Bonner Consulting Group,  Lisa Brisson, Katie Cavanaugh, John Fitts, Adria Giordano, Alison Jalbert, Lisa Mahoney, Ronni Newton, Jennifer Senofonte, Alicia B. Smith, Julie Stagis,  Michael Walsh, Tracey Weiss, Erin Zeidenberg


Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools Makes Donation to District's Diversity Enhancement, July 20, 2020


Foundation celebrates West Hartford Public School teachers and administrators
West Hartford Press, June 17, 2020


Witness Stones Project: Students Find and Share an Untold History of the Enslaved People of West Hartford, October 24, 2019


West Hartford Schools Growing Fresh Produce In Their Own Cafeterias
Courant Community, October 21, 2019

Charter Oak International Academy Students Grow and Harvest Their Lunch, October 15, 2019

Coral Propagation Underway in New Aquarium System at Hall High, September 24, 2019

Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools Awards More Than $100,000 In Grants
Courant Community, September 23, 2019

Students Launch Mini Boat To Sea
Courant Community, July 4, 2019

Experience Virtual Reality and more at Hall High School 'Ocean Night' to Support Coral Project, June 4, 2019

Hip-Hop Artist Teaches Mindfulness At Norfeldt Elementary School
Community Courant, April 1, 2019

Hall Coral Club Hosting Ocean Night
Courant Community, May 30, 2019

Schools Partner With Auerfarm to Provide Hands-On Experience
Courant Community, May 16, 2019

West Hartford's Cookin', Fundraiser benefits public education
Courant Community, March 21, 2019

Bristow Middle School Students Making Blankets for Project Linus
Community Courant, March 6, 2019

Educator Helps Kids Deal With Stress
Courant Community, February 7, 2019

Popular Children's Book Author and Illustrator Shares His Craft with Braeburn Students, December 16, 2018

Red Hawk Singers And Dancers Share Indigenous Culture With Students
Courant Community, December 11, 2018

Artist Builds Dreams With Students
Courant Community, October 4, 2018

The Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools Awards Over $100,000 in Grants
Courant Community, September 19, 2018

Artist Works To Inspire Duffy Elementary Students
Courant Community, April 5, 2018

Something fishy ~ Collaborative art project installed at Bristow Middle School
West Hartford LIFE, April 2018, pages 15-17

Micro-business, major impact ~ Students join forces to develop entrepreneurial endeavors for young adults with disabilities to sustain into adulthood
West Harford LIFE, April 2018, pages 47-48

Cookin' up a Celebration
West Hartford Press ~ March 29, 2018, page 1 & 10

Enhancing education for 20 years, the Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools Marks two decades
West Hartford LIFE ~ March 2018

Bristow Middle School Students work with Local Artist on Sculpture
Courant Community ~ March 8, 2018

Art students dive into the creative process with artist-in-residence
West Hartford Press ~ March 1, 2018

High School Students Using 3D Printers to Make Prosthetic Hands
Courant Community ~ February 22, 2018

Braeburn Students 'read around the world'
West Hartford Press ~ February 15, 2018

Charter Oak Students Experience Japanese Drumming
Courant Community ~ January 31, 2018

New Haven Artist Visits West Hartford Students
Courant Community ~ January 22, 2018

Duffy students learn about optics through hands on STEM workshop
West Hartford Press ~ January 11, 2018

Engaged Art
West Hartford Press ~ January 11, 2018

The Year 2017 in Photos
West Hartford Press ~ January 4, 2018, pages 3,6,7

Braeburn School Creates Multicultural Library
Courant Community ~ December 29, 2017

Artist Brings Organized Chaos to West Hartford Classroom
Courant Community ~ December 22, 2017

Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools Surprises Principals with Monetary Gift ~ December 14, 2017

Artistic passion comes alive at King Philip workshops
West Hartford Press ~ December 14, 2017 ~ pages 1 & 10

Finding Beauty in  Chaos ~ King Philip art students get freeing lesson in creativity
West Hartford Press ~ November 30, 2017

Charter Oak Students Get Hands-On With Science
Courant Community, West Hartford ~ October 3, 2017

Grants at Work: 'The Foundation Presents...' on West Hartford Community Television

Hamilton Heights fundraiser to benefit Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools
West Hartford Press: September 7, 2017 ~ pages 3 & 5

Foundation Generates $88,000 in Grant Funding
Courant Community ~ West Hartford, August 24, 2017

Morley students connect with their Haitian peers through art
West Hartford LIFE, June 2017

Art auction celebrates cultural connection
West Hartford Press ~ May 18, 2017

Students at Charter Oak get special lesson in fairytales

Artist Visits For Lesson In Africian Culture
Courant Community~West Hartford, May 11,2017

Celebrity Chefs Get Cooking, Support Schools
Courant Community ~ April 13, 2017

Serving up smiles at West Hartford's Cookin'
West Hartford Press, April 6, 2017, Page 1 & 7

West Hartford's Cookin' to Support West Hartford Public Schools, March 23, 2017

Museum provides muse ~ Elementary schools collaborate on art project
West Hartford Life, March 2017 (front cover & page 18-20)

A trip for peace ~ Students visit United Nations inspires video
West Hartford Press, February 2, 2017 (Page 6)
To view the video mentioned in the article, click here 

West Hartford Students Get A Lesson In Water
The Hartford Courant, Courant Community, Tuesday October 11, 2016

Dancing the Night Away
West Hartford Press, October 6, 2016

Good Food, good company at cookin' event
West Hartford Press, April 7, 2016

West Hartford's Cookin' Fundraiser
West Hartford Magazine, Spring 2016, pages 11 & 24

FWHPS announces grant for unique program at Morley
West Hartford Press, February 26, 2016

Award-winning author opens Wolcott students' eyes to Chinese culture
West Hartford Press, February 18, 2016

Sculptor Inspires West Hartford Students During Artist-in-Residency Program January 27, 2016

Foundation for public schools awards $73K in grants this year
West Hartford Press October 22, 2015, Pg 7 picture & caption bottom right & Pg 9 article

Braeburn kids learn lessons in the garden
West Hartford Press June 18, 2015
Features: Rockville Bank Foundation Grant: Growing green...purple, red, orange or yellow too! 



Schools launch balloons 'up, up and away'
West Hartford Press June 11, 2015 
Features: Dr. Karen List Grant ~ Up, Up & Away!

West Hartford Students Launch Weather Balloons into Earth's Stratosphere
Features: Dr. Karen List Grant~ Up, Up, & Away!

Balloon 'liftoff' project teaches physics, offers fun
West Hartford Press May 21, 2015 pg 5
Features: Cantor Family Grant~ 3,2,1 Liftoff!

'Apples' for Artists - Learning enhanced iPad Technology
West Hartford LIFE May 2015 pgs 28-34
Features: King Philip Special Initative Grant: Apples for Artists

Lessons from those who know - Cross Age Connections bring anti-bullying campaign to Morley
West Hartford Press April 9, 2015
Features: Wheels to Social-Emotional Wellness Grant

Celebrity chefs get cookin'
West Hartford Press March 26, 2015
Features: West Hartford's Cookin' Fundraiser pgs Front Cover & 4

Students take part in 'The Great Balloon Chase
West Hartford News November 14, 2014
Features: Dr. Karen List Grant~Up, Up & Away!!! pgs 1 & 11

Smith students turn eyes to the sky for balloon launch
West Hartford Press October 30, 2014 pgs 7 & 9
Features: Dr. Karen List Grant: Up, Up & Away!!!

The Great Balloon Chase: Smith STEM School Launches Incredible "Live" Learning Lesson
Hartford Courant October 22, 2014
Features: Dr. Karen List Grant ~ Up, Up & Away!!!

Grant 'jump' starts students
West Hartford Press April 17, 2014
Features: West Hartford's Administrative Association Grant: Learnin' the Ropes

Books and birds: Media specialist Lee Gluck instructs inside and out
West Hartford Life April 2014 pgs 4-5
Features: Project FeederWatch with Cornell University

Let's Get Cookin' - Foundation for WHPS holds annual West Hartford's Cookin' fundraiser
West Hartford Press, March 27, 2014
Features: Coverage of The Foundation's largest fundraiser, West Hartford's Cookin', to raise money for 2014-2015 grant awards.

Students get lesson in hip hop dance and culture -
West Hartford Press, January 23, 2014
Features: Whole Foods Grant ~ Move It! Grove It! Create It!: A Hip Hop Experience

West Hartford Students Explore Modern Art Form with 'Hip Hop Week' 
Hartford Courant, January 30, 2014
Features: Whole Foods Grant ~ Move It! Grove It! Create It!: A Hip Hop Experience 

Charter Oak International Academy Newsletter - Includes articles on the below grants implemented during the 2013-2014 school year.
Whole Foods Grant: Move It! Grove It! Create It!: A Hip Hop Experience
Birds of Prey
Falvey Linen & Supply Grant: Connecticut River Simulation & Exploration
In Exploring Differences We Discover Similarities
The Pauluk Family Grant: Apples and Syrup & Chickens, Oh My!!!
The Latin American Musical Experience

Events mark awareness week in high schools -
West Hartford Press, October 31, 2013
Features information on the The Cantor Family Grant: It's a Girl

Grants put into Action throughout schools Part 1/2, Part 2/2- Includes information & mention of the following Grants in Action during the fall of 2013
Gengras Kia Grant: Choose Character Over Bullying
Mr. & Mrs. David Dupee Grant: Kids Become Polacco Prodigies
The Pauluk Family Grant: Apples and Syrup and Chickens, Oh My!!!
The Cantor Family Grant: It's a Girl
The Frankie & Bob Goldfarb Grant: The Madrigal-A Window to the World of Renaissance 

Wingmasters program comes to Webster Hill - This grant in action took place in June 2013

A virtual reality in local classrooms - Includes information on the $10,000 Special Initiative Grant awarded in Spring 2012. 

Foundation awards $10,000 grant to Charter Oak & Smith - Learn more about the grant Virtual Vista's: Connecting our Classrooms to the World.

Whole Foods Grant: Norfeldt School's Edible School Yard - Mentioned in articles below
Community Garden Blog 
West Hartford Patch Article  
Norfeldt School Newsletter 

Million Dollar Milestone -
West Hartford Magazine September/ October 2012
Learn about how the Foundation began in an interview with Co-Founder Dougie Trumble and the excitement around the 1 millionth dollar invested into WHPS.

Sedgwick Middle School Raptor Program on YouTube - Raptor Program Video

Conard High School's Green Energy Lab

Our Signature Event - West Hartford's Cookin' in the below publications
West Hartford's Cookin' A Success
West Hartford Cookin' Raises $45,000

They get around: Hooping workshop educates and delights Smith School Students - Learn more about this grant granted in support of physical education!