Duprey Family Grant: Composting and Gardening

  • School Year: 2017-2018
  • Applicants: Karen Abels, Lead Teacher Jennifer Clinton, Emily Thurston
  • School: Wolcott
  • Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Physical Health Education, Science

Kindergarteners at Wolcott Elementary School will learn first-hand the process of composting and the importance of recycling. Through planting a garden and tending it through the year, they will learn that composting provides a way of reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of while converting it into a product that is useful for gardening and beneficial to the environment. They will learn that organic waste is a potential resource instead of something “yucky” that should be thrown away. This project will also enhance students’ love of nature and give them an opportunity to learn about the outdoors and nature in a safe place. As flowers bloom in the fall, students will have a better understanding of the Signs of Spring poem and writing unit, which is part of the kindergarten curriculum.

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