Congratulations Grant Recipients! 

To help you, below are action items and important reminders.

Thank you! 

Action Items for Lead Teachers:

  • Thank Named Grant Donors.  Grants are named after donors of $1,000 or more to our annual fund and sponsors of $1,500 or more. If your grant is named, letters communicating named grants, to include the donor contact information, will be mailed to lead teachers from the Foundation's office.  
  • Please reach out to Lisa Michaud in Risk Management to ask what / if any insurance documents are needed.  Depending upon your project, documents may need to be completed for the Risk Management Department. IF you need to send in forms, click here for further instruction. For Indemnification and Insurance Agreements click here.  For Sole Proprietor forms click here.
  • Need to make a change to your grant? If yes, Notify the Foundation BEFORE any changes are made.
  • Contact us at prior to grant implementation to include the date, time, and location of the grant as we like to observe our grant funds at work.  Additionally, please share videos or pictures of children authorized to be photographed/ videotaped so we can publicize grant-funded projects our newsletter and on social media.  These files can be emailed to
  • Click here to read the reimbursement policy.  IF your grant is virtual or in-resident, the organziation or professional needs to complete a W9 form (click here for the W9 form). 
  • Publicize grants in school newsletters and on social media.  When posting about your grant, we ask that you state "'your grant name' was made possible thanks to the Foundation for WHPS and the 'named grant donor'. For example:  "No Limits Balloon Adventure!" was made possible thanks to the Foundation for WHPS and the Duncaster Retirement Community"
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    • Instagram @foundation4whps
  • Submit your final report online by logging into the grant application portal. Click here for specific directions. 

Important Reminders:

  • You are invited to be a guest on our show "The Foundation Presents..." hosted by WHPS Alumnus and Foundation Board Member, Michael Schramm.   This is an opportunity for you to share past or future grants with the community.  Please email the Foundation at with your interest and your name will be passed along to Mike.  Click here to watch an episode and learn more about the show.