Congratulations Grant Recipients! 

In an effort to help you, below are action items and important reminders.

Thank you! 

Action Items:

  • Thank Named Grant Donors (For NEW grants awarded for the remaining 2021 school year, more information will follow).  Grants are named after donors who donated $1,000+. Letters communicating named grants, to include the donor contact information, were mailed to lead teachers from the Foundation's office.  If you need another copy, email us at
  • Review documents from Risk Management (For NEW grants awarded for the remaining 2021 school year, you will be notified if your project needs insurance documentation).  Important documents may be needed!  Click here to search for your project name and identify if an insurance document needs completion. IF you need to send in forms, please click here for further instruction. For Indemnification and Insurance Agreements click here.  For Sole Proprietor forms click here.
  • Notify the Foundation first BEFORE ANY changes are made to the grant. (To include shifting in-residence grants to virtual)
  • Contact us at prior to grant implementation to include the date, time, and location of the grant.  We understand visitors will not be allowed for viewing, but it would be helpful to know when the grant is being implemented.  Sharing video clips and pictures of children authorized to be photographed/ videotaped would be greatly appreciated.  These files can be emailed to
  • Click here to read the reimbursement policy.  IF your grant is virtual or in-resident, the organziation or professional needs to fill out a W9 form (click here for the W9 form)
  • Publicize grants in school newsletters and on Facebook and twitter.  It would be appreciated if the following was included in any post. "Thanks to generous donors of the Foundation for WHPS and (insert your specific donor if applicable), the "your project name" was made possible."  
  • Follow us on Twitter at
  • Like us on Facebook at
  • Submit your final report online by logging into the grant application portal. Click here for specific directions. 


Important Reminders:

  • You are invited to participate in a zoom interview with board member and WHPS Alumnus, Michael Schramm.   This is an opportunity for you to share past or future grants with the community.  Please email the Foundation at with your interest and your name will be passed along to Mike.  Click here for an example of an interview on the Foundation Presents.
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