Reimbursement Policy

Important - All Purchases or payments MUST include an invoice and/or receipt AND include the Grant #/Project Name/ Name of Lead Applicant to Rachel Tedeschi in the WHPS Budget and Business office:
phone 860-561-6645

Virtual Programs and In-Residence Grants – Organizations and professionals MUST BE paid by Rachel Tedeschi in the WHPS Billing and Business Office. Due to tax reporting requirements, Virtual and In-Residence grants cannot be paid by the teacher or the school directly.  All payments must go through Rachel Tedeschi.  The BOE Business Office must have a completed W9 form on file before an organization or professional In-Residence is paid. The W9 should be completed by the organization or professional expecting payment.  Blank W9 forms can be found at under the Grant Recipient Resources page.

There are two ways to pay In-Residence Professional.  It is advised you ask their preference.  Keep in mind, paying the professional on the day of the program requires a two week lead time to Rachel Tedeschi.  Rachel Tedeschi can be contacted via email at or phone 860-561-6645.

1.      In-Residence Professional Payment on the day of the program: Call or e-mail Rachel Tedeschi at least 2 weeks prior to the in-residence date with person’s name, address, tax ID # or social security # (W9 form for tax purposes), amount due, date of implementation and brief description of grant. The check will then be sent to you prior to the performance. Send receipts and voucher to Rachel Tedeschi along with a W9. All employees must also complete a W9 to be reimbursed. OR

2.      In-Residence Professional Payment after the program or Virtual Program Payment: Please send an invoice from the in-residence-professional to Rachel and ensure it includes the date of implementation, in-residence name, address, tax ID or social security # (W9 form for tax purposes)  Rachel will mail the check directly to the in-residence professional.

Grants with approved technology purchases: Immediately submit technology work request orders through the ticketing system, Incident IQ (  For questions, please call: x6636 (internal) or 860-561-6636.

Grants with approved material purchases:  There are several ways teachers can acquire materials for their grants. Ideally, pay in a way which does not require paying sales tax as schools are tax exempt.

1.      For Materials Teacher Wishes to Purchase on Own. Simply use your own personal credit card/ check to purchase materials.  Attach your receipts to a payment voucher which you can obtain from the school office. Send receipts and voucher to Rachel Tedeschi.

2.      For Materials Teacher Wishes to Order (but not pay out of pocket).  There are several ways to do this. 

a.      Attach an invoice from the store to a voucher and send to Rachel Tedeschi who will send a check directly to the vendor.  On the voucher, please fill out vendor name and address, amount and the Invoice/Description.  Please include your name and the name of the grant the purchase was used for. Rachel codes the purchases to the Foundation.

b.      Fill out purchase requisition obtained in school office and send it to Rachel Tedeschi.  Rachel will send the requisition form and payment to the vendor. This option is only for orders over $1,000.

c.      School Credit Card.  Occasionally, a teacher might be able to charge the materials on the school credit card.  Please check with your office secretary.  Rachel codes the purchases to the Foundation.

Frequently asked questions
Can grant money be spent in the summer for materials to be used the following school year?
Reimbursements for 2024-2025 grants will begin on September 1, 2024

If there is money left after a grant is implemented, can a teacher use it for other purposes? No, as this money is specifically earmarked for the grant detailed in the respective grant application. 

What if there is a change in my grant?  Prior to making any changes in grant activities or programs, please contact the Foundation at 860-561-8755.

If a teacher is unable to implement all/part of a grant, can it be carried over to the next year?
Generally no, however, each case is handled on an individual basis. So please call the Foundation office 860-561-8755.