Goldbeck Family Grant: Human Adult and Fetal Skeleton for Instruction in the Life Sciences

  • School Year: 2017-2018
  • Applicants: Bonnie Mayer, Lead Teacher
  • School: Conard High School
  • Subjects: Science

A skeletal model immediately grabs a student’s attention and triggers excitement about the study of anatomy and the complex systems of the human form. With the purchase of both an adult and fetal size skeletons, general, honors, and AP biology students at Conard High School will understand the human form through the skeleton as a teaching tool beyond simply viewing images from text books or digital academic materials. The skeletons will be a tool for lab exercises for multiple units related to anatomy, the skeletal and the muscular systems throughout the entire academic year. By the incorporation of both the fetal and full-size skeletons into the academic experience, students will have a very direct and powerful visual understanding of the development of the human form over time.

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