Teich Family Grant: Ding Dong Ding, We Can't Sing! and Ways to Read and Write aROUND the Building

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Jessica Nix, Lead Teacher
  • School: Webster Hill
  • Subjects: Music

As we are not allowed to do any singing in our vocal music classes, we have been heavily focusing on rhythm work this year. While regulations change and will continue to change frequently, we have no knowledge of if or when our students will be able to begin singing again. With a desire to have my students access the melodic side of the WHPS elementary music curriculum, the purchase of a double set of desk bells will help to give my students a concrete way to hear and play melodic notes. As the students hear and play melodic notes, a white board will be a necessary tool to help them practice their reading and writing skills related to melodic music notation. As elementary vocal music teachers are traveling from classroom to classroom this year, it has been difficult to find an easy way to teach students from the board. While SMARTboards are useful and help students learn in certain ways, a whiteboard is a necessary teaching tool as it allows for quick writing, quick corrections, and the use of Music Go Rounds. As FWHPS funded a recent grant for the students at Webster Hill to be able to use a class set of Music Go Rounds, I look forward to being able to return to using these in all of my classes. Not all classrooms have accessible whiteboards and the Music Go Rounds do not attach to SMARTboards. One side of this portable whiteboard has a non-removable staff which will prove to be useful when teaching melodic concepts as well as the Music Go Rounds will work on it.

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