West Hartford Chamber of Commerce Grant: A Book for Me

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Jennifer Sansoucy, Lead Teacher
  • School: King Philip Middle School
  • Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Other

This grant will provide funds to fortify a King Philip Middle School classroom library with books that represent the diversity of the student population in the West Hartford Public Schools. These books will be used for independent reading and enjoyment in and outside of the classroom. "A Book For Me" aligns with the West Hartford Public School's commitment to cultural responsiveness by helping to put the right books within fingertip reach of all students. These books will serve as "mirrors" for so many students who are looking for reading experiences about their own religions, home countries, languages, family structures or beliefs. These texts will also serve as "windows" for other students to learn about the many perspectives and experiences of their classmates.

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