Acting is a Real Job.

  • School Year: 2013-2014
  • Applicants: Corinne Kravetz
  • School: Conard High School
  • Subjects: Other

Janelle Robinson, a professional actor who recently finished a six year Broadway run in a supporting role in the hit musical Mary Poppins will educate Conard acting students about the realities of a career in the theatre. Ms. Robinson is a former West Hartford parent and a graduate of HARTT School at the University of Hartford. Her background will create a connection and demonstrate that someone from West Hartford can make it in the acting world. She will discuss college and career choice, how the business has changed over the years, and what students need to do to prepare themselves for this competitive field. After leading a discussion and fielding questions, Ms. Robinson will go through the process of preparing for an audition. She will coach several students on their prepared monologues, which are a requirement for college auditions. The session will conclude with a musical performance by Ms. Robinson for the acting students and invited members of the choir.

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