Alexander M. and Catherine Maus Wright Grant - Drumming to Exercise Body and Mind!

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Daniel Golden, Lead Teacher & Mary Dipaola
  • School: Aiken
  • Subjects: Music, Physical Health Education

Students at Aiken Elementary school will work with fitness drumming instructor Marianne Berman over a 3 day period and apply new learning to the four PE classes that follow. This grant will provide equipment needed to learn and continue to learn about fitness drumming in years to come. Meeting many curriculum objectives, this grant will provide a new and fun experience to students in a physical setting. Students will work solo, with a partner and as a group to learn the ways of fitness drumming. This opportunity will enable students to reflect on how this awesome experience will make them healthier and more physically literate as human beings.

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