Anne & Jim Carroll Grant: Enhancement of SEP

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Anna Swierczynski, Lead Teacher
  • School: School Engagement Program
  • Subjects: Technology, Other (Therapeutic Arts)

2020 has created change for all of us. In the midst of these changes, technology has needed to  play a significant role in supporting our students accessing their academic/social emotional  programs. The School Engagement Program (SEP) was recently able to obtain a donated  smartboard. This has been an amazing addition to SEP, especially with supporting Hall and  Conard students while they are participating in groups virtually. With that said, to support  quality connection with students we will use the following enhancements to make the  smartboard work to its best potential. Enhancements include speakers for the smartboard, a  camera and mic and a document camera. In addition, Hall and Conard students will benefit  from therapeutic craft activities where a laminator, laminating sheets, assorted arts and crafts  and a hot glue gun/glue sticks will be used to support fun and creative opportunities. This will  certainly aid in making social emotional gains through student’s artwork. Lastly, an exercise ball  chair for our students will help in supporting improved focus and help students with anxiety. All  these additions will continue to enrich and support the many gains that our students have been  making. These improvements will also aid in creating a cohesive and supportive educational  environment. 

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