Barbara and Theodore Shiffman on behalf of the Zeitz Foundation: English Instruction at Your Fingertips: iPads for Beginning English Language Learners

  • School Year: 2013-2014
  • Applicants: Ryan Cronin, Lead Teacher Lindsey Roberts-Walstrom (Ed Center)
  • School: Whiting Lane
  • Subjects: Technology

Beginning English speakers at Whiting Lane will be provided with the opportunity to receive direct instruction in English language acquisition beyond the ESOL classroom both in school and at home. Each student will receive an iPad Mini equipped with language acquisition apps and games, audiobooks, background building videos, picture dictionaries, translators and student made tutorials. The ESOL teacher will be able to record targeted mini lessons for the student so that they can revisit the content that was introduced in the ESOL classroom. In addition the students' families will meet with translators to explain the program and the use of the iPads.

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