Build Me a Story

  • School Year: 2015-2016
  • Applicants: Claudine Lavoie, Lead Teacher
  • School: Braeburn
  • Subjects: Language Arts, Technology

The StoryStarter classroom initiative was developed by the Lego Corporation as a hands on solution for introducing classroom language arts standards while building teamwork and communication skills. Students at Braeburn Elementary School will use StoryStarter, a tool used by teachers to help students structure a retelling or compose a story. Students will use specially designed Lego story pieces and minifigures to construct a model of the beginning, middle and end of a story in cooperative groups or individually. They can use these models to help bring their story to life with added detail. Students then use the StoryVisualizer software to record the models they have crafted into a digital story. Using a digital camera, ipad or smartphone, a picture of the students’ model can be uploaded to the StoryVisualizer software program. Students can then retell the story in a digital format, add dialogue, sounds, music or a background. In addition to their use with students in grades 2-5, the StoryStarter kits will reach far beyond the regular education classroom. These kits will be used in ESOL, special education, early reading intervention and speech classrooms to enhance storytelling and story retelling lessons. These kits are highly motivating tools that will assist students with limited language ability to produce stories while working with typically developing students in a collaborative fashion. A picture is worth a thousand words and these visual models with allow students to participate with peers in the classroom or small group setting.

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