Cantor Family Grant: Art of Water

  • School Year: 2016-2017
  • Applicants: Cathy Fagan, Lead Teacher Joshua Ranaudo
  • School: Wolcott
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Science, Technology

 Fourth grade students at Wolcott Elementary School will participate in hands-on learning and creative experiences with the artist in residence, Craig Norton. They will employ the art of photography while exploring various scientific aspects of water to better understand the water cycle and conservation.  This will be a weeklong residency where all fourth grade students will have multiple opportunities to be instructed by Craig Norton.  The students will use cameras provided by instructor to photograph the different aspects of water from different perspectives. Mr. Norton also works with special needs students and is able to bridge the educational gap with the use of photography.  This is a unique way of integrating all students across the grade level to show their strengths through different modalities of teaching and it offers a very unique way to learn about water.

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