Cantor Family Grant: Hip Hop for Mindfulness: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Kim Jackson, Lead Teacher & Rob Deveau
  • School: Duffy
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Music, Physical Health Education, Science, Social Studies

Poetry in Motion is a diverse collection of dancers with talent in Hip Hop and Break Dancing. They inspire students to think of dancing as a positive outlet for artistic expression promoting mindfulness. Students are educated on the history, culture, foundation, and dance styles of Hip Hop. Promoting self-esteem and team-building are integral parts of the workshops. Students at Duffy Elementary School will explore new and varied ways of thinking about dance, movement, and music, as well as nutrition and being present and mindful. Students experience how dance is an outlet to express one's emotions as they tap into their own creativity during the dance movement program. Students learn to be involved, reflective, and mindful learners throughout the week.

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