Carson Family Grant: Choral Fest-A Day of Singing as a Community

  • School Year: 2022-2023
  • Applicants: Jessica Nix (Webster Hill), Lead Teacher & Andy Mayo, Keith Traver (Sedgwick), Samuel Eurich (Conard), Katie Frewen (Bristow)
  • School: Braeburn, Bristow Middle School, Charter Oak, Conard High School, Duffy, Sedgwick Middle School, Webster Hill, Wolcott
  • Subjects: Music

Students in grades 5-12 from Duffy Elementary School, Braeburn Elementary School, Wolcott Elementary School, Charter Oak International Academy, Webster Hill Elementary School, Bristow Middle School, Sedgwick Middle School, and Conard High School will participate in Choral Fest: A Day of Singing as a Community. All students in grade 5 will participate as well as grade 6-12 students in the select vocal music ensembles. Grade 5 students will hear and watch the select vocal music ensembles from grades 6-12 perform choral pieces. Then, all students in grades 5-12 will sing rounds and octavos (sheet music for choirs) together as one community. The students will sing two to three rounds which will include at least one round in a language other than English. Students will sing Everlasting Melody written and composed by African American composer Rollo Dilworth which, according to Dilworth and Hal Leonard (publisher), is “secular in text but reminiscent of the African American gospel tradition through rhythms, melody, and harmonic progressions.” Dilworth will prepare a video to be shared with the students discussing music, composition, and choral singing!

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