Chem 4 Kids

  • School Year: 2013-2014
  • Applicants: Johanna Foley
  • School: Hall High School
  • Subjects: Science

An afterschool Chemistry club open to all Hall High School students will be created. The club will meet throughout the year to plan hands-on chemistry lessons for elementary students. There will be three visits to three local elementary schools (grades 1 through 4). When at an elementary school visit, the high school students will work in small groups at stations. The elementary students will spend about ten minutes at each station where they will be presented with a lesson related to Chemistry that is grade appropriate. The older students will ask questions and have the children test hypotheses, collect and analyze data. The students will then rotate through the stations going to about 6 different ones. At each school visit, Chem 4 Kids will be able to work with four classes of about 20 students each. The high school students obtain experience teaching and working with each other on a common goal. The younger students will become exposed to chemistry, make connections with what they see at home and talk about at school, and get excited about science.

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