Crate & Barrel Grant: An African Experience with Won-Ldy Paye

  • School Year: 2014-2015
  • Applicants: Jessica Grenier, Lead Teacher Patti Farquhar, Kristin Pildis
  • School: Bugbee
  • Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies

A highlight of the first grade curriculum is the study of Africa and the richness of its culture. The talented West African author, artist and performer, Won Ldy Paye will enhance and leave a lasting impression on the entire first grade community at Bugbee Elementary School through a week long exploration of African culture. Spending four hours per day Monday through Friday, Won Ldy Paye will introduce students to examples of art, music, dance, storytelling and mask-making. The program will directly enhance and compliment the first grade curriculum based readings, discussions, and study of Kenya.

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