Creating, Performing, and Responding to Music with iPads

  • School Year: 2013-2014
  • Applicants: Karla McClain, Lead Teacher Katie Frewen
  • School: Bristow Middle School
  • Subjects: Music, Technology

All middle school students at Bristow will have the opportunity to work with IPads in music class. The IPads will be used in collaborative learning groups for students to create and perform music, self-assess their performances, and assess their peers. Students can use the IPads to record their singing or instrumental performances, and then self-assess to see if they have met the objectives of the assignment. Tutorial apps available will be used for individual student work to reinforce and/or expand on current knowledge. Students can also use virtual instruments on the iPad to experience the sound and patterns used on an instrument that may not be available in the classroom, or to add multiple instruments of the same type if there is only one in the classroom.

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