Cullina Family Grant: Silkworms and their importance to China

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Susan Winslow, Lead Teacher
  • School: Bristow Middle School
  • Subjects: Social Studies

This grant funds the purchase of silkworms, silkworm food, and silkworm cocooneries that will be used by 140 students at Bristow Middle School. Silkworms and the silk they make are an important part of Chinese culture, and this grant will help students better understand the deep cultural roots of silkworms while they are learning about China. The students will have the opportunity to take home their silkworms after they form cocoons, and may harvest the silk from the cocoons during or after the metamorphosing process. The project is interdisciplinary as it focuses on both science and social studies, and it provides a tactile learning experience for the students.

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