Dougie and Tom Trumble Grant: Historian in Residence

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Jen Derick, Lead Applicant
  • School: Norfeldt
  • Subjects: Language Arts

The purpose of this grant is to motivate students who study history through using the lens of local history. Recent research has shown the importance of teaching history in developing empathy for each other, and for a connection with the place where they live. Dr. Tracey Wilson, the author of Life in West Hartford (2018), and town historian, will be a Historian-in-Residence for grade 5 at Norfeldt. This grant will aid both teachers and students in integrating the study of local history into the social studies curriculum, particularly the grade 5 colonization unit. It will provide a model for teachers to integrate into their instruction in the future.

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