Dougie and Tom Trumble Grant: Who Lived Here First? A Study of the Wangunk, Sicaog and Tunxis

  • School Year: 2023-2024
  • Applicants: Kimberly McCarthy, Lead Applicant & Jennifer Hall (Morley School), Tiffany Pegolo (Bugbee)
  • School: Morley
  • Subjects: Social Studies

"Who Lived Here First: The Stories of the Wangunk, Tunxis and Sicaog" will introduce Morley and Bugbee Elementary School students to new discoveries about the indigenous people who lived in what is now West Hartford. Students will have the opportunity to "be historians" through decoding and analyzing wills, an account book, and maps. Studying this forgotten local history will provide a means to tell a more complicated and complete story of our town. With the story brought up to date, it will encourage students to become civically engaged in the process of reconciliation with our past and cement their duties as stewards of our local land.

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