Duncaster Retirement Community Grant: Sensory Path

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Gabrielle Sebastiao, Lead Teacher
  • School: Bugbee
  • Subjects: Physical Health Education, Other (Social Emotional Learning )

This grant makes it possible for students across all grade levels at Bugbee School to experience a Sensory Path that will give them the opportunity to relieve unwanted stress, anxiety, energy, and more. The Sensory Path will allow students to exercise their bodies while gearing up their brains for a successful learning experience. All students at Bugbee will now know that, if need be, there is a separate space to retreat to, if they feel unfocused, uncomfortable or just think they need a break. With this grant, Bugbee students will be afforded the opportunity to give students a safe space to perform physical activities, mindfulness activities, and critical thinking opportunities that will ultimately prepare their minds for academic learning.

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