Frank Webb Home Grant: Six Word Memoir Portrait

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Beth Mazur, Lead Teacher & Elizabeth Bianco
  • School: Bugbee
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies

Six-Word Memoir Portrait under the guidance and talents of Mr. Rick Labadia, this grant funds the student artists in first and second grade to create a self-portrait collage, a painting of their COVID-19 experience, and a written piece of 6 powerful words to convey and represent a COVID-19 memoir. Our youngest West Hartford voices will shine through their memoirs: *Grandma's birthday hand-pressed on the window. *Chalk heart driveway lemonade on lips. Young writers and artists will be capturing and expressing their unique moment in history. The art collection will be featured in a video and shared with essential workers in our West Hartford Community. The primary students will select essential workers to share their Six-Word Memoir Portrait with as a form of gratitude. While the essential workers were supporting our community, our young learners were capturing bright moments at home during the pandemic.

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