Frankie and Bob Goldfarb Grant: Engaging in Cultural Competence-Exploring and Engaging in Hip Hop Dance

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Jessica Johnson, Lead Teacher
  • School: Norfeldt
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Music, Physical Health Education, Social Studies

Norfeldt students in grades Kindergarten through 5 will participate with Illstyle and Peace productions to learn more about the Hip Hop Culture. As a way of increasing our cultural competence as a school community, it is so important to bring in new and exciting groups from different cultural backgrounds to share with our students about their talents and backgrounds. Young Audiences of Massachusetts (YAMA) has been serving as a link between teaching artists and students since 1962. YAMA is the largest single provider of arts outreach programs in Massachusetts today, providing dance, storytelling, music and theater programs to children in schools. The organization's mission is to encourgage a lifelong engagement with the arts by making them an integral part of every child's education.

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