Frankie and Bob Goldfarb Grant: Reading and Writing aROUND the Music Room

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Jessica Nix, Lead Teacher
  • School: Webster Hill
  • Subjects: Music

This grant will fund the purchase of Music Go Rounds to be used with all students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth at Webster Hill Elementary School as well as other schools to which the music teacher travels. Music Go Rounds are hypoallergenic silicone manipulatives that students will use to practice reading, writing, and composing rhythmic and melodic music notation individually, in small groups, and as a whole class. Students will benefit from tactile learning that engages multiple senses and different parts of the brain. The older students will also benefit from practicing more complex musical concepts such as dynamics, articulation, key signatures, and ensemble names. Tactile learning provides immediate differentiation for students of all learning types. Using Music Go Rounds in the music classroom will aid teachers in reaching all students and will provide students with a new way of learning.

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