Frankie & Bob Goldfarb Grant: Mythology Up Close and In Person!

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Suzy Sinatro, Lead Teacher, Jen Hall (Morley School)
  • School: Whiting Lane
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Language Arts

Jeff Benoit of Arts for Learning Connecticut will perform his one-man show on Greek mythology, “Chariot of the Sun”, for 125 4th graders at Whiting Lane Elementary School. Benoit brings classic tales to life through the use of poetry, masks, and mime. He also intertwines skillful audience participation to create fun-filled theatrical learning experience for all. By watching and participating in the performance, students will deepen their understanding of the components of mythology through proper recall and paraphrasing portions of the presentation to effectively engage in group discussion whereby students will compare and contrast myths referencing the performance and myths read in class. The students will also be the audience to an unforgettable performance.

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