Goldbeck Family Grant: Learning through the Arts

  • School Year: 2016-2017
  • Applicants: Georgi Kucia, Lead Teacher Donna Corcoran, Beth Mazur, Michelle Stafford
  • School: Webster Hill
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Science

Rick Labadia will work with students in Grade 1 at Webster Hill Elementary School to help them create visual representations that will integrate with Common Core reading, writing, science and art standards. He will share his expertise as an author and illustrator. Mr. Labadia has published two children’s books, “What Can a Snowman Wear?” and “What Can A Snowman Count?” Mr. Labadia will visit the classrooms during Writers’ Workshop in the Fall to introduce himself as a published author/illustrator. He will come once a month to spend an hour in each of the first grade classrooms from September through May to support and scaffold students through the process of creating hallway murals, highlighting the “Insects” science unit, for the school and visitors to enjoy.

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