Great by 8 Grant: Prolific Pollinator Paradise

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Elizabeth Cannone, Lead Teacher, Nichola Dustin
  • School: Charter Oak
  • Subjects: Science, Other ~ The school has an identity that examines global issues and how we all share the planet. This grant would enhance the exploration of these topics.

Pre-K students at Charter Oak International Academy will participate the Prolific Pollinator Paradise Grant, a unique experience creating and maintaining a natural habitat at school. Having a habitat, the students create and visit daily on school property will provide rich opportunities for students to develop their observation, questioning and documentations skills. Students will be able to observe and wonder about types of species, their needs, food sources, stages of development and the food chain. Students’ will also be making observations and developing their documentation skills during visits to the habitat. They will develop the ability to use evidence found during their observations to better understand the species in the habitat. Students later in the year will be able to use the habitat to define a problem and investigate firsthand the possible solutions utilizing the space and keep a journal to document throughout the school year.

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