Guys Skype!

  • School Year: 2015-2016
  • Applicants: Shannon McNeice, Lead Teacher
  • School: Sedgwick Middle School
  • Subjects: Language Arts, Technology, Other

Though it may seem to be a stereotype, convincing boys to read is a much tougher endeavor than convincing girls to read. Students at Sedgewick Middle School will read books that modern male adolescents will want to read, will love to read. Such books are rare. However, there are some, including this year’s Newbery winner, The Crossover by Kwame Alexander that resonates with many students. There are several other male authors whose books attract and sustain male readers, especially Tim Green and Rick Yancey, whose book The 5th Wave is being made into a major motion picture. Through the magic of Skype, these authors will chat with our readers during the school year. Meeting an author, and being able to ask questions, can be an unforgettable and inspirational event for students. According to a recent study by the Brookings Institute, "Enjoyment of reading is statistically correlated with reading performance, and the hope is that making reading more enjoyable would get boys to read more, thereby raising reading skills." If we can put great books in their hands and connect them to male writers, they will grow as readers and writers. This will improve their performance in their academic classes and lead to a lifelong enjoyment of reading.

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