Hawkins Family Grant: Author/Illustrator Julie Phillips visits Grade 2 remotely to share her new Graphic Novel: Penny Packer: Unicorn Tracker

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Lee Gluck, Lead Teacher & Michelle Stafford
  • School: RLE (Remote Learning Experience)
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Language Arts

"Meeting an author and learning how to BE an author are two very different experiences. But in the case of our soon to be Author/Artist virtual visit, our second grade students of the West Hartford Remote Elementary School will do both!! Students will meet published author of 5 books, Julie Phillipps, create a comic-like graphic organizer and then receive the newest edition of Ms. Phillipp’s graphic novel, Pacy Packer, Unicorn Tracker - autographed and everything! Ms. Phillipps, a West Hartford resident and co-creator of the WEHA Artist Emporium will visit with all 135 second grade students who are learning remotely. Children will learn to invent and draw a character to feature in an event of their own imagination. This activity ties in nicely with our language and visual arts curricula. We are thrilled to receive this grant and look forward to sharing photos and work samples of our students’ inspired creativity. Who knows? Perhaps Ms. Phillipp’s visit will result in more West Hartford born authors and illustrators available to visit our schools in the future! "

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