Hoffman Auto Group Grant: Communicating through Writing ~Students Publishing Stories that TEACH!

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Alison Collins, Lead Teacher & Lindsey Roberts
  • School: RLE (Remote Learning Experience)
  • Subjects: Language Arts

Students will become communicators and risk-takers in first grade by pushing the boundaries to grow as learners in new and innovative ways. In Writer's Workshop, students will plan and write informational stories that teach others. Students will talk about the power their words have to inspire and to spark curiosity. This project will help to show students the power of taking action. Students will go through the writing process and then see their work published. Students will write their stories, voice their ideas for the layout of the book and create illustrations that include text features. The students will use the published books to teach their peers about their topics. It will show them that little kids can do big things and that we as people can learn from each other regardless of age. As part of the project, every child will receive a copy of the published book to read and re-read.

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