Improving Social Cognition of School Aged Children- a Curriculum in Practice

  • School Year: 2015-2016
  • Applicants: Thej Singh, Lead Teacher Stephanie Brown, Sarah Stoltz, Marybeth Manzi (Wolcott)
  • School: Whiting Lane
  • Subjects: Other

The work of Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking Publications will be the basis for the materials needed to create a curriculum designed to provide Whiting Lane and Wolcott Elementary School students with concepts of social skills. This project will provide materials to educators so that they may have the resources and tools to help all of their students and especially the ones with social challenges, navigate the social world. Skill sets around the social world are explicitly taught so that students can learn how to pay attention, to think about others and what others are thinking, to learn to observe others’ behaviors and make informed, well formulated judgments about that person. Educators will not have to seek outside resources, but rather have the materials available to them as needed.

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