J.P. Carroll Construction Grant: Books are Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Doors: Diversifying Classroom Libraries

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Sonya Stemmer, Shannon McNeice
  • School: Sedgwick Middle School
  • Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies

“Different languages, different food, different customs. That's our neighborhood: wild and tangled and colorful. Like the best kind of garden.” ? Katherine Applegate, Wishtree At Sedgwick Middle School, classroom libraries will share this sentiment through a special collection of curated grade-level books with diverse voices to enrich the classroom libraries. With a diverse classroom library collection of dynamic and relevant stories, students will find books they love and and will also learn about life. It is the hope that students are encouraged to experience books as windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors.

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