James M. Ellis Memorial Grant: Deepening our Understanding of Language and Culture

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Cristina Perriello, Lead Teacher, Kris Plasse, Jo-Ann Lizon, Lindsey Roberts
  • School: Charter Oak
  • Subjects: Social Studies, World Language, Other ~ Communication

This grant at Charter Oak International Academy will support a workshop for ?fth graders and a school wide assembly lead by The National Theater of the Deaf (NTD) to enhance students understanding of American Sign Language (ASL). Fifth graders will participate in workshops where they will learn the history and components of ASL and history of the NTD. In addition, ?fth grade students will learn the Peace Pledge in ASL and will go on to teach this to younger grades. All students will bene?t and participate in a school wide performance of “A Show of Hands” performed by the NTD.

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