James M. Ellis Memorial Grant: Individual Literacy Toolkits

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Jennifer Sansoucy, Lead Teacher & Nicole Gosselin
  • School: King Philip Middle School
  • Subjects: Other (Reading)

"Individual Literacy Toolkits" include materials that will enhance current reading practice and ensure multi-modal student engagement both in the classroom and at home. These toolkits include headsets with microphones and Wilson Just Words curriculum manipulatives and consumables. The headsets will provide additional opportunities for collaboration and self-evaluation with our fluency work. The Just Words curriculum materials will foster deeper learning and solidify word study skills with hands-on learning and opportunities to engage in targeted, differentiated skill work. All materials will enhance current instruction for both in-person and remote instruction. "Individual Literacy Toolkits" will allow for rising readers to become even further engaged in their own learning!

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