James M. Ellis Memorial Grant: Restorative Tools for Students: Enhancing Learning with Proactive Tools

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: William Bannish, Lead Teacher & Emily Daigle
  • School: King Philip Middle School
  • Subjects: Other (Cross Curricular with focus on student emotional needs)

A pilot group of students and staff at King Philip Middle School will be taught proactive and restorative strategies in order to successfully manage student emotions, foster self-esteem, and to further develop positive connections to school. Support from the Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools will enable a multidisciplinary team to purchase restorative equipment and materials in order to implement scheduled and as needed opportunities to manage emotionality and maintain engagement in the classroom. This project aims to decrease incidences of student removals from the classroom and, thus, has cross-curricular impact. This project will contribute to students' ability to learn and apply healthy and proactive coping skills that students can utilize throughout their lifetime.

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