JP Carroll Construction Grant: Bits and Bytes

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Alison Foley, Lead Teacher & Jackie Corricelli (Conard)
  • School: Smith
  • Subjects: Math, Other

Bits and Bytes, a partnership between Smith STEM Elementary School and Conard High School, will provide 30-40 students with an opportunity to teach and learn about computer science with an emphasis on collaboration and problem solving. The Bits and Bytes partnership will complement both the fourth grade elementary curriculum and the high school curriculum as students utilize the eight mathematical practices while coding. Fourth grade students and high school students will meet six times in person to work on collaborative computer science activities and projects that extend beyond these meetings. This experience culminates in the fourth graders visiting their mentees to see "STEM in action" at the high school. This partnership will hopefully open the door for students to consider computer science opportunities at the next level of their educational career and beyond.

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