Judy and John Bierly Grant: Cultural Diversity in the World of Writing- Won Ldy Paye- An African Author and Storyteller

  • School Year: 2019-2020
  • Applicants: Jessica Johnson, Lead Teacher
  • School: Norfeldt
  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Music, Language Arts, Social Studies

Won Ldy Paye is a multi talented author, artist and performer from Tapita, in the northeastern region of Liberia, West Africa. He is a member of the Tio Ker Mehn, the class of professional Dan Entertainers who are keepers of the oral tradition. He was trained by his grandmother-Gowo to remember and retell the stories of the Dan people. Won Ldy Paye has developed programs to bring his West African culture into schools and show his love of writing and art in its most authentic and traditional forms. His programs help children to identify, analyze and appreciate other cultures through storytelling and writing, thereby, fostering respect and love for all people. Through his programs, students at Norfeldt Elementary School will explore what it takes to become a published writer, storyteller, musician and artist.

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