Langsner Family Grant: Creating a Labyrinth...A Place to Relax, Reflect and Nurture the Spirit

  • School Year: 2021-2022
  • Applicants: Maryanne Taft, Lead Teacher
  • School: REACH
  • Subjects: Visual Arts

This grant makes it possible for students across all grade levels at REACH the opportunity to come together as a community to design, develop and construct an outdoor labyrinth which will be used to enhance and enrich mind and spirit; learning across all disciplines and support social emotional learning. Students will be able to use the safe space of the labyrinth to de-stress, practice mindfulness, reduce anxiety, rejuvenate, reflect and problem solve in a natural, outdoor environment. Students will be able to explore environmental concepts, do creative writing, apply math skills and most importantly leave their legacy with an outdoor display of their time at REACH, along with a personalized edging block they paint and imbed in the pathway. Residents of West Hartford would be welcome to use the labyrinth and enjoy the benefits of walking its path.

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