Langsner Family Grant: Trout in the Classroom

  • School Year: 2023-2024
  • Applicants: Gretchen Bagley, Lead Applicant and Rachel Slitt, Alison Gannon
  • School: Bugbee
  • Subjects: Science

Joining with Trout Unlimited and CT D.E.E.P, 3rd graders at Bugbee school are excited to raise trout from egg to fry and eventually release them into a local watershed to promote conservation and recovery efforts. The experience will begin in the fall with a tour of a fish hatchery, and then in January the classroom will come alive with a tank full of trout eggs ready to be cared for. Students will use their math, science, and language arts skills as they monitor and raise the growing trout, and then visit a local fishing location in the West Hartford area to release the fish and explore the natural world. This project connects to grade level science and math curriculum through the exploratory experiences of the life cycle, conservation, and data collection & analysis.

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