Let's Get Engaged

  • School Year: 2014-2015
  • Applicants: Dawn Beckley, Lead Teacher
  • School: Whiting Lane
  • Subjects: Technology

All fourth grade students at Whiting Lane Elementary will have the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects using 8 newly purchases Chromebook netbook devices. The introduction of these cloud-based devices will provide students with greater access and much quicker speed to their Google educational accounts. Access, browsing and storage will no longer be a problem. Each student will be able to use their Google Account to perform a range of tasks as well as produce a wide variety of work. The fast acting Chromebooks only take 8 seconds to start as opposed to the slower operating standard laptop. The faster connection and easier accessibility as well as reliability will allow students to spend more time working as opposed to waiting. Student engagement will increase as well as the quality and the quantity of student work. Since Chromebook batteries last a full 8 hours, students are able to easily share and use these devices without having to stop and spend time to plug them in for a quick charge. These savvy devices will help increase student engagement in their learning the Common Core, as well as assist them in continuing to develop the skills and confidence they will need to compete in the 21st century.

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