Macca Plumbing & Heating Grant: Game Changer-Technology in PE

  • School Year: 2021-2022
  • Applicants: Bonnie Arcari, Lead Teacher
  • School: Braeburn
  • Subjects: Physical Education & Health Education/Wellness

Braeburn School is seeking this grant from the FWHPS to add a 70 inch wall mounted screen in the gym for the physical education classes. This will allow Gifs (continuous loop videos) of skills which are amazing uses of technology in PE. Students will have a constant visual of the skill they are learning while the teacher is able to circulate around the gym . In addition the students will be able to see videos of actual teams and partners which will be quite motivating. It’s almost as if a second teacher is in the room . Placing various levels up on the screen allows students to progress at their own pace without having to stop the class. This will motivate students with gamification as they strive to advanced levels.

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