Mr. and Mrs. Dupee Grant: Project Adventure II

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Anna Swierczynski, Lead Teacher
  • School: School Engagement Program
  • Subjects: Other - Ropes Challenge Course

Students will participate in a classroom community that consistently promotes positive peer interactions, healthy coping skills, empathy and compassion, and intellectual risk taking.  Participating in a Ropes Course Challenge will allow for approximately 10-13 students and 2-4 staff with an educational opportunity that will support students taking risks physically and emotionally as well as individually and as a team.This activity will compliment our program curriculum and serve as a culminating activity to the socialization groups students have participated in regards to perseverance, managing anxiety and taking intellectual risks. The students will be supported to step outside of their comfort zone to experience an activity that will build character, integrity and increase their self esteem. Students will be praised for their participation and contribution to the discussions and activities however big or small. This activity will give those who attend an experience of a lifetime. They will grow as an individual student along with creating a greater cohesive classroom community.

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