Nolin Selby Fund of the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation Grant: Cogswell Creations

  • School Year: 2020-2021
  • Applicants: Elizabeth Emanuelson, Lead Teacher
  • School: Post-Secondary
  • Subjects: Other (Vocational opportunities)

"The Post-Secondary program is for students ages 18–22 who will gain valuable vocational and life skills, and enjoy creating something they can share with others. Students will have the opportunity to design, label, package, price, and advertise the products they create . By selling these items , we will be able to accumulate money that will support our program . The grant from the FWHPS allows us to buy a Cricut Air 2, material bundle, and products (mugs, tote bags, and water bottles) which we will be labeling with positive affirmations. It also allows us to buy a soap making kit, a soap making book for beginners, and the necessary ingredients to make soap! Students are very excited to start designing/making products and sharing them with others in our community. "

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