Papasavas Family Grant: Pequot Museum Visit - An Indigenous Perspective

  • School Year: 2023-2024
  • Applicants: Lyssa Martin, Lead Applicant and Ashley Kendrigan, Molly Jerram, Lindsey Roberts, Liz Nascimento
  • School: Charter Oak
  • Subjects: Social Studies

Imagine it is 16th century Connecticut and you are among the Mashantucket Pequot people. You are a child of about 10 helping your family harvest the "three sisters'' (corn, beans and squash). Your dad is off hunting and your mother is preparing the harvest. At the Charter Oak International Academy, students are immersed in the life, culture and art of the Mashantucket Pequot people. This program promotes understanding and relevance to our local indigenous history. Aligned with our state and district standards, this program enhances our curriculum to give students a first-hand experience and a critical perspective.

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