Poetry CSI

  • School Year: 2017-2018
  • Applicants: Kim Piccioli, Lead Teacher Sheila Levanti (Duffy)
  • School: Hall High School
  • Subjects: Language Arts

This grant funds Poetry CSI, a program for ninth grade students at Hall High School that involves students blacking out text to uncover poems within larger works of fiction or nonfiction that express central themes. In the second week of the grant, ninth graders will be paired with fourth graders at Duffy Elementary School. The ninth graders will introduce themselves via Skype, explain what a blackout poem is, and read or show several examples. In the third week, the ninth graders will visit the fourth graders and work in small groups to find hidden poems within the texts the fourth graders are reading. This grant will help students analyze text, determine central themes and ideas, and determine the meanings of specific words or phrases, all using strong text-based evidence for support.

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