Put that Candle Out with Firefighting Robots!

  • School Year: 2016-2017
  • Applicants: Kathy Hardesty, Lead Teacher
  • School: Smith
  • Subjects: Math, Science, Technology

Fourth and fifth-grade students at Smith STEM Elementary school will have the opportunity to learn how to program a LEGO EV3 robot that can maneuver through various obstacles to ultimately put out a flame. Students will learn about the process and how to program this robot in Fall 2016 and then enter a robot into the Trinity Fire Robotics Contest in April 2017. The program will focus on learning about the LEGO EV3 robot, application of programming and problem-solving skills, and finally the creation of a LEGO EV3 robot who can successfully put out fires at the Trinity Fire Robotics Contest. In addition to higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills, this program aligns with multiple state and national science standards relating to understanding motion, technological design, and creating a product with a solution. This project will allow students to develop skills through real-world application of the scientific process and increase their interest in science and technology.

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