Rob and Tiffany Grossman Grant: A Scientific Eye: Electricity, Magnets, and Optics In the World Around Us

  • School Year: 2018-2019
  • Applicants: Kim Jackson, Lead Teacher, Jill Larson (Norfeldt School)
  • School: Duffy
  • Subjects: Science, Technology

This in-residence grant supports bringing Mike Caouette to provide 5th grade students at Duffy Elementary School with an enhanced science experience related to their science curriculum. The 5th grade students will experience six 90-minute sessions enhancing their units on electricity and magnetism and optics. Mike will help students conduct experiments related to circuits, batteries and bulbs as well as learn about the optics of the human eye and create a “Camera Obscura”, a model human eye they can bring home and share with their families. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to dissect a preserved cow’s eye (that closely mirrors a human eye), which will be a unique experience for them to see the external and internal anatomy up close. Throughout the visits students will engage in in-depth scientific discourse and hands-on learning that will deepen their understanding of the science curriculum.

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