Sally and Tom Tresselt Grant: Let's Read Together

  • School Year: 2021-2022
  • Applicants: Kimberly Robinson, Lead Teacher
  • School: Norfeldt
  • Subjects: Language Arts

In the West Hartford Public Schools we understand that equity means giving every child the tools they need to succeed. At Norfeldt Elementary School we also understand that many of our students who speak another language at home would like to have a parent read to them in their home language but find it challenging to find books in languages other than English.This grant provides our library with the ability to purchase books that more accurately reflect the languages of our students and families so that every child in our school can be read to. Studies have repeatedly shown that the act of being read to is extremely critical to a child's literacy development.We look forward to collaborating with families and inviting them to share readings of these new books with our entire school population.

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